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I'm dumb.
I just posted about Dreadnought, and it suddenly occurred to me that though I'd sent out emails to specific people I thought would be interested, I failed abysmally to post notice here.

Dina James' new book, Light In a Dark World is out. As a total bonus because life loves me (sometimes), I was allowed to proof read it prior to publication. Yay sneak peeks! (And hopes that the lovey Dina will let me pre-read/proof future books too!)

Anyway, while I'm recommending books I enjoyed recently, I should have posted this a week ago! Bad me.

I am amused

Sep. 6th, 2011 09:10 pm
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So I'm reading this book that I got from the wunnerful [livejournal.com profile] dina_james. She's an author, with a story in said book. Go check her out, she rocks. Also, feel free to support her rockatude by buying her books.

This is from a different story, not Dina's, but I've gotta quote this to you, because I side entirely with Melanie. From Kelley Armstrong's "Paranormal Romance Blues" (any typos are mine):

"So this vampire bar," Tiffany tried again. "It's for dating. It's not easy being a vampire, you know. You think you have dating problems? Try being immortal."
"They are only semi-immortal. and why would I want to date one?"
"Uh, because they're hot."
sure, if you went for tall, dark and parasitic.
"Hello?" Tiffany waved her hand in front of my face. "Earth to Melanie. Can we blow this joint please? The vampire bar is calling. Hot guys who've been waiting centuries to meet you."
I snorted.
"Oh, come on," she said. "Don't you find it the least bit romantic? A creature of the night, tormented by the emptiness of his life, searching for that one special woman, knowing if he doesn't find her in time, he'll be condemned to eternity as a soulless monster."
"That's a book."
She frowned. "Are you sure?"
"Fine, but they still need to find their true love, the one bright flame that will warm their cold existence."
"Book. More than one, I think."
"Forget romance. They need sex. It's like Red Bull for vampires, boosting their powers to unimaginable heights. They need lots of it, in every shape and form imaginable, including a few you haven't imagined."
"Book," I said. "I hope."
"Maybe, but they're still tormented creatures of the night--"
"They can walk around in daylight."
"No way."
"Yep. I'm not even all that sure about the tormented part. Sure, they have to drink blood and take one life a year, but once they work past that, they get a long life, eternal youth, near invulnerability and conga lines of swooning women fighting to get into their beds, eager to prove they'll be their 'one true love'. What's not to like?"
She slumped in her chair, a sigh whistling out.
"Maybe we can find you a tormented one," I said.
"All right," I said. "We'll check out this bar and find you a vampire. And if he's not tormented, I'm sure I can fix that."


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