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Okay kids. Rant time. Prep wall of text.

Here's a thing that pissed me off good last night. I was still at work, trying to finish up charts and paperwork almost 2 hours after closing. I had not yet checked my phone for messages - I wasn't expecting any.
Phone rings, I answer it even though I don't recognize the number, because it might be a rescue thing. It's not. It's a guy who lives near me, that I've had exactly 1 interaction with - he brought an animal to the clinic once. He knew when he dropped said animal off that it had fleas. We treated for the fleas because we can't have them in the kennels... he said he couldn't afford to pay for the flea treatment until the next month (that'd be $7, he still hasn't paid it 3 months later). So this is the basis of our relationship so far... just setting the scene here. I have not given him my personal cell number. I do not know where he got it (though in fairness, it's out there for rescue stuff, so... maybe not super creepy? ish?)
He calls, I answer. He tells me his first name, and asks if I am me. I confirm that I am. He says he's my neighbor. I say "ok". He then asks if I will work on an animal that needs medical care. I tell him I can, and give him the price for after-hours call. He clarifies that he wants me to work on his "service animal" cat for free ... because he's my neighbor. Uhm, that's a big fat no, buddy. You've got zero special claim on my time, labor, education, and business just because you live on the same road as I do. So I tell him if he can't afford the after hours call, he can come in during business hours, which is less expensive. I do not bother to argue that his cat cannot be, by definition, a service animal. He did not sound particularly pleased with this answer, and changed the subject, asking me about my own dog, and telling me that she "came after" he and his kid the other day - which I do not for one second believe, because that dog is about as un-aggressive as it's possible for dogs to get. Seriously, I've seen this dog literally lay perfectly still while a kid stomped and kicked her, until she had a clear shot at running away without knocking the kid down.I don't even know what you would have to do to get her to be aggressive toward a human. So I grill him on it, and finally get that his kid "came at" the dog, not the other way around, and the dog "took a defensive posture". Yeah. that's exactly the same thing as "came after you and and your kid". Right.
So now we've added vaguely threatening and potentially setting up a situation in which he will try to justify hurting my dog to vaguely creepily tracked me down and called me on my personal cell to ask me to do him special favors. I am not best pleased.
So I get off the phone, and notice that I've got a bunch of missed notifications. Turns out same dude called me at 9:59 am (no voicemail), then texted me at 10:01 am, then called again at 10:04 am (and left a voicemail). Like feeling entitled to my time and work for free because "he's a neighbor" isn't pushy enough, trying to contact 3 times within 5 minutes on a fucking work day is going to make me more likely to do favors? Fuck that noise.


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