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I am no longer a customer of the BoA! yayayayayayayay!!!! I officially closed out my account there today, and will no longer have to cope with their crap and incompetence. Whoot!
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No longer holds a mortgage in my name! WHOOHOOHOOHOOHOOHOO! No more of the random stupid crap that they've thrown at me since I first got the silly thing.

Closed on the old house yesterday, which means the nice folks at the legal office should have made my mortgage go away *poof* yesterday, and I should get a handsome check today for the difference. That'll let me pay off mom and da for the money they loaned me for the downpayment on the new house, and still have some left to rent an excavator to get out all the little trees in what is eventually going to be my horse/dog field. Might even have enough left after that to buy a CD or something.

Sorry, [livejournal.com profile] dethjester, my taxes for this year just got more interesting.
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Bank of America does not specialize in.

Today, I received notice (dated the 12th of November, 2 days after my November payment should have been taken out) that they were canceling my automatic withdrawl. Because they didn't send it until after the date for the withdrawl, it didn't get here until after the last of the grace period (the 15th), which means that if we hadn't already addressed this (yay for Manager being on top of it!), I'd have been slapped with a late fee before I even knew they were fucking with me again. Bastards.
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For now, anyway, the bank issue seems resolved. Payments for October and November cleared yesterday. Automatic withdrawl is re-instated for December. The backEast woman today says that the credit bureau notice has been corrected and I will be receiving a letter of confirmation on that.
So. Yay. Now I just need to get the house sold so I never have to deal with this crap again.
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Left work early to get to the bank before they closed, so as to avoid keeping manager there terribly late.
He calls the back-East folk. We chat about nothing important for almost 10 minutes waiting for someone to actually answer.

And the story is thus:
Despite the fact that my mortgage has had automatic withdrawl from the same account for three yeas, despite the fact that the name on the mortgage and checking account is the same, despite the fact that we confirmed the account number when we spoke to them in October about this bullshit, they tried to take the payment out of a non-existent account. This, of course, caused the payment to fail.
Since the month passed with no payment (never you mind that they didn't TELL ME THAT until the last day of the month), they sent notice to the credit bureau that I don't pay my mortgage payments promptly.
And apparently, if one payment is late, that causes your automatic draft payment set up to go fizzle, so they ALSO have not taken out November's payment yet. Again, I have not received any notice to that effect, I only know about it because manager asked while we were there. So now I'm TWO months behind.
So manager man makes a fairly subtle but decidedly snide comment about screwing up the account number, and tells backEast to take both payments out of checking, effective a month ago (you fucker) and apparently I can expect a form to fill out to send to the credit bureau to fix the new black mark on my credit history.
Unfortunately, because this was all processed after hours for backEast, it doesn't count until tomorrow, so I can't actually get the automatic payment set back up until FRIDAY, when my account is current again. So I'll have to take time off work again on Friday to do that.
Wish I could bill the bastards for all the time I'm spending trying to figure out their fuck-ups.
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Shoot me please. Or burn the house down so I can write it off on the insurance and not deal with this ANY MORE because I'm pretty sure that would be LESS hassle than dealing with the fuckheads in mortgage. Really.


Okay, you all recall the end of Octember, when I went in and straightened out the f-ups with my October payment, and made the check-by-phone payment to cover the mortgage payment that had be mistakenly refunded? Yeah. I distinctly recall doing so.

And then I get this lovely and oh-so-very-informative notice:
Dear Customer:

Your check in the amount of ... was returned to us by your financial institution for the following reason: refer to maker.

*Your loan remains due for the 10/01/08 installment.

*The amount due is

You may be assessed a late charge if an installment is not received before the late charge assessment date. Depending on your loan product, interest may continue to accrue until replacement funds are received.

Okay, motherfucker. Point the first: What in all the holy lands does "refer to maker" even mean? If you're going to give me a reason, GIVE ME A FUCKING REASON. Point the second: this notice was not dated until 2 weeks AFTER the "late charge assessment date" so how by Bloody England am I supposed to deal with it before then?

So Monday last week, I called the local bank and left a message for the manager who dealt with this last time.

Yesterday, I attempted to go to the bank to deal with it in person, and discovered that it was a bank holiday. Bastards. I was working.

Today, I called again. Was told by the woman who answered that it didn't have to be a manager who dealt with this, it'd be fine to just come in and ask whoever. RIIIGHT. So I left work early to come in a bit before lunch, so that the manager can't escape for lunch break (yes, I'm being bitchy. I think it's justified) because there's no way in Hell I'm believing this doesn't need to be taken to the manager.

And sure enough, I go up to the nice lady at the counter (that's not sarcasm--she really is a very nice lady), she looks up my account, confirms that I do still show owing for October and November, so this wasn't just a belated notice/miss-in-passing stupidity, and tells me I need (gasp, surprise!) to talk to the manager.

Flag the manager down - whee, no lunch for either of us!

He calls the mortgage people. Woman informs us that they are apparently having "system difficulties" and cannot access accounts. Oh, that's a GREAT confidence builder there. If I had any doubts at all about whether this was a reliable source to hold my mortgage that clinches it. 2 words for you: redundant systems. You handle millions of dollars of other people's money, and you can't access the accounts today? Fuck me sideways? Why SURE!

So now I'm supposed to go back to the bank after work, and the financial/mortgage gurus back East are supposedly going to call us back and figure this shit out. We'll see if that actually happens, or if we'll be calling them and getting the damn after-hours message.

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Signed closing papers on the new place this morning. all went well there (totally unlike my last experience, which was mediated by the valley-girl of bankers at BoA), and took just less than an hour.

Having signed everything, went next door to BoA to get a cashier's check for the down, and to check on what they've done with my account regarding the random payment amounts from last month. Finally get an explanation about that--it seems that, in direct contradiction to what the woman told me when I called to change the amount of my payment (she said that it would be effective Oct 1, there would be no change in Sept payments), they changed the amount of payment in September, but didn't change the number of payments until October. So they didn't actually take extra money, they just took different amounts on weird days. Great. All's well, right?

Well, no. Because you see, the woman I talked to last week couldn't figure that out. So she put in a work order to reverse the last withdrawl. And apparently, worded it LIKE THAT. Because before the work order got processed, they took October's payment (in the correct amount, on the correct day). And then turned around and reversed October's payment. And then tacked on a late fee, because I hadn't paid October's payment.

So the woman tries to reverse the late fee, because obviously that wasn't my fault. Except she says she can't, because there's already been too many waived late fees on my account. She has to get a manager to waive it. She cannot explain why there are previous late fees, or who waived them. I never received notice of any, and there shouldn't have been any, because all my payments since the day I closed on the damn mortgage have been AUTOMATIC DRAFT FROM THE CHECKING ACCOUNT. If there were any late payments, the bank did it. She's put in a request for the "back office to research it and send me an explanation letter." *headdesk* At least none of them got bounced out of the bank to be reported on my credit history.
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But Countrywide, now owned by Bank of America, plans to open for business as usual on Friday, saying it has no intention of following the state's decision.


Bank Woes

Oct. 14th, 2008 02:53 pm
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I am so freaking fed up with Bank of America. I am going to the other bank in town today and opening a checking account. I am doing so as soon as I get off the phone with the BoA rep I am currently holding for.

I'm balancing my check book today, you see. And oddly, there's a withdrawl from my checking for about $150. This payment is made TO BANK OF AMERICA. With the same code as for my mortgage. Except that it is NOT my mortgage payment (which is much larger, and had already been taken out).

So I call the Bank of America Customer unService line. After wading through the phone tree, I explain to the woman that a withdrawl has been made that I didn't authorize and I want to know why. She puts me on hold for 3 minutes. She comes back and very helpfully offers that the payment was made to Bank of America. I say I figured that out on my own-since I read to her the description of the payment saying so. What I want to know is WHY. For what reason does the bank get to decide I owe them $150? She puts me back on hold to "find out some more information." 5 minutes later, she comes back and tells me that it was made to the mortgage department. Again, I ALREADY KNOW THAT. She still hasn't answered WHY. And instead of doing so, she gives me the phone number to the mortgage people.
2 minutes wading through the phone tree, 8 minutes on hold, 2 minutes talking to learn NOTHING.

Now I'm trying to fight through the mortgage phone tree, which keeps telling me that my zip code is invalid. Oh, now I've exceeded the number of tries and it's transferring to Customer Service. AAAAAAND they're busy. On hold. 3 minutes before anyone picked up. She's "taking a look" now. "I'm checking that for you." ... "Well, your payment cleared the tenth. Let me see if I can get some more information on the payment from the 15th." ... "Just trying to read some notes here."...
5 minutes later, she finally starts actually talking to me. Seems this has something to do with requesting that the payments be changed from 2 with extra to 1 payment at the minimum required. She says the work order for that was processed twice. She does not explain, even after specifically asking, why processing that order once, twice, or 6000 times should cause an extra payment to be taken out of my account. She says she's put in a request that the money be refunded. That request should be processed by the 16th, which means they should have sent something to the checking department by the 17th; she won't tell me how long that translates in reality to having the money in my account, because she can't tell me how long the checking department will take to process that work order.

And now, I'm off to America West to get that other checking account. I am sick as hell of this crap. Anybody out there that cares, I strongly recommend NOT getting an account at BoA, and if you're looking for a mortgage, I think you're better off to pay the homeless guy on the corner beat you with a pool cue than to waste your time fucking around with BoA's mortgage people.

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Still sucks. Not as hard today as somedays, but good grief.

Took me three calls to get my mortgage payment adjusted today.

First call took me through the phone tree until the automated man said "I'll transfer you to a customer service representative." pause "We can no longer process your call, please hang up."
WHAT? what kind of freaking message is that?

So I call the local bank, and ask for the correct number to call, since that one apparently was the fail. Nobody at the bank, of course, can adjust things-that has to be done by someone in some call center somewhere else.

So I call the correct number (not even close to the number listed in the phone book), and wade through the phone tree again, and get a woman who (I hope) has managed to do what I asked, but only after I had phrased the same request 3 different ways, since she didn't seem to get it the first two times. Sigh.

Now we'll see if they actually take the correct amount next month.


Nov. 5th, 2007 01:13 pm
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Well, I guess I don't have to kill anyone at the bank today. Seems that the reason a payment wasn't withdrawn was because I'd been paying extra on my monthly payments, and the extra totalled a payment, so they skipped one. I told them not to do that anymore--the whole point of paying extra is to pay it off faster, dammit. Stupid stupid. BUT at least it didn't cost me as much as I thought, and it was the loan company that fuckered up, not the bank.

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For those of you not familiar with them already, BoA sucks ass. They screwed up so many things about my mortgage that I seriously contemplated arson.

Now they seem to be trying to fuck me over in other ways.

I have student loans, you see. One of the nifty deals about my student loan company is that if you make a certain number of payments on-time, they will write off 3% of the total. This makes me happy. I arranged to make payments by automatic with-drawl so that I cannot forget and be late, and so that the post office cannot lose my payments. Good plan, right? Pretty sure that I just need to make it to THIS MONTH to hit that deal.

Except that I just got October's bank statement, and IT DIDN'T WITHDRAW. Which means that the bank may very well have just screwed me out of a couple thousand dollars. fuckityfuckfuck.


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