Mar. 9th, 2014

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I just finished book 1 of the Princess series by Jim C Hines, and it was a lovely, fun read. Had some predictable bits, of course, but that'll happen when you're basing your characters on well known fairy tales and legends. And there were some wonderful (and wonderfully awful) twists on those fairy tales, too. Basic premise is that after Cinderella's wedding, her stepsisters didn't just fade quietly into the background - they returned for revenge and kidnapped the prince. So Cinderella sets off in company of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty to rescue him. Quick paced and light hearted, it was just the sort of story I needed to distract me from worries about taxes.

Moving on now to Handbook for Dragon Slayers, by Merrie Haskell.
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A fairly quick read (as you might notice given the time stamps between this entry and the one prior), Merrie Haskell's Handbook for Dragon Slayers was very, very good. A young princess chafing at her duties, and convinced everyone hates her because of her lameness, Mathilda's strongest desire is to be an author. I highly encourage you all to follow her adventures as she is kidnapped, rescued, faces dragons and The Wild Hunt, and battles sorcery with wits.

My only complaint is that we never get to hear how Frau Dagmar managed her part!


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