Oct. 10th, 2013 02:51 pm
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Somebody in their infinite effing wisdom decided it would be appropriate to drop a box of kittens in our parking lot today over lunch. So now I have 3 sorry looking little things with diarrhea, upper respiratory infections, and only a rough guess of age. Bold move, ditching them during the day instead of early morning before anybody's here. I guess they were relying on the quick get-away allowed by not even getting out of their damn car, just tossing the box. Shit of it is, they succeeded - we don't have a license number or description other than "maroon car" to turn over to the police. Bastards.

I'm leaving this as a public post, because I kind of hope they happen across it. Or that someone else who is thinking about pulling the same dirty, irresponsible trick does. So anybody out there wondering - this is a dick move. Don't do it. Call a rescue - they're in the business of re-homing sad little kittens. Veterinary clinics ARE NOT (with a few exceptions) shelters. They do not have kennel space to dedicate to random abandoned animals, do not have staff set up to do adoptions, do not have subsidies or grants to support non-profit work, do not have volunteers coming in to clean kennels and work with strays. Be a responsible person - desex your adult cats so you don't have kittens you're trying to offload in the first place, but if you do end up with kittens, take them to a shelter, pay the (usually not very damn large) release fee to help cover the (usually fairly extensive) costs the rescue is going to incur in feeding, vaccinating, de-worming, desexing, and re-homing your kittens, and just generally don't be a prick. Thanks.


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